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Strength Training at FSU Leach

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Strength Training at FSU Leach

FSU Leach Gymnasium

Wednesday, 12, 2016

For several week now, I have been slowly adding strength and weight (mostly strength) training to my daily gymnasium routines. Since I have only limited break time, I mix the cardio work outs like jogging, rowing, cycling, elliptical, stair master, etc with other strength training.

My colleague had introduced me to the strength training and slowly I am adding to the variety of machines, I use to do the training. This week I added couple of more machines to my regular routine.

Since so far most of the machines had upper body work out, I added two for the lower body work out. The first one is Cybex Seated Leg Curl


The next one for the leg work out is the Cybex leg extension