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Change Citizen Watch Battery

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012


Change Citizen Watch Battery

August 01, 2012

My Citizen Quartz watch battery became weak and the watch kept loosing time. Usually I take it the local mall or retailers to change the watch battery. Recently, they either stopped doing it at the local shops or charge anywhere between $15 to $17 to do it. It would make sense to get it done locally if the value of the watch was significant, say several hundred dollars. However, my citizen watch was around $75 when I bought it several years ago and it is in good condition and this is the second time I am needing a battery.

So I decided to do it by myself with help of my friendly carpenter. He showed how easy it is to pop open the back lid (it doesn’t have the notch nor needed the speciality wrench to open it).

The battery inside was made by Maxell and model was SR920SW (1.55V Silver Oxide). The equivalent was Energizer 371 or Duracell D371. I bought Energizer 371 at local Walgreens for $4.99. My friend put the battery in the springed compartment and closed the lid (it was bit hard since the lid had to be closed with equivalent pressure from all sides.