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First day for Leon County Schools and Tallahassee Colleges

Monday, August 24th, 2009

First day for Leon County Schools and Tallahassee Colleges

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tallahassee, FL

Today was one of the special days when all Leon County Schools (Elementary, Middle, and High) as well as FSU, FAMU, and TCC opened for classes for the Fall term. Usually the colleges open a week earlier than the schools but the simultaneous opening meant there were lot of students and parents on the road (in addition to the regular commuters) than most of the days.

This year’s streamlining of school bus schedule (one time for all High schools (7:30 AM), Middle schools (9:30 AM), and Elementary schools (8:30 AM) also contributed to higher density of vehicles on the road during the busy morning commute.



High-voltage line being installed

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

High-tension line being installedWeems Plantation NeighborhoodTallahassee, FL 32317Saturday, August 23, 2009This afternoon, I saw crew working on the installation of high-voltage transmission lines near the Weems Plantation neighborhood. Today’s work involved people pulling the physical cables that will eventually carry the current under high-voltage.A machine with several spools of cables was slowly unwinding as another machine pulled the cables from the other direction. The cables went through pulleys where the cables will finally be held by insulators.I had never seen this process before. So, I stopped at the location of the device and took some pictures. Here you can see the pictures of cables getting unwound and cables being drawn through the pulleys at top of the transmission lines.

Go to the movie Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince

Miracles 12 Theater

Thursday, Aug 13, 209

11:30 AM


We ¬†went to the movie Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince movie today at Miracles 12 Theater near Governor’s Square Mall for the 11:30 AM screening. In total there were only seven people (including us) in the theater. Since it was a humid day even the window through which the movie was being projected fogged up couple of times.Then in the evening we had our friends come over for pizza and soda.