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Celebrate dad and mom’s birthdays

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Celebrate dad and mom’s birthdays

Sunday, Dec 25, 2011

JCK Nagar, Chengalpattu, India

Everyone of my siblings (except our family) and their partners along with their children descended on Chengalpattu on this day morning for a surprise birthday party for my dad and mom. Even my brother didn’t know what was happening (of course, his wife knew since they needed to decorate my brother’s house while he was working).

Based on what my sisters told middle BIL arrived early that morning and my little sister’s family arrived in the morning as well. My middle sis and bro were already there. My old sis and her family arrived around noon. While everyone was talking tom mom and dad they decorated my brother’s house. They had ordered a cake and that too arrived soon.

Then they presented with new set of clothes for my dad and mom who were surprised and asked the reason. They didn’t get a good answer. Then finally my brother drove mom and dad to his house where they realized what was going on.

Mom gave everyone some cake and they all had a good time. Even though this day was NOT their birthdays (they are in Dec and Jan, respectively) dad and mom were able to enjoy the day since everyone was there to celebrate.