Work-out using Stairmaster


Work-out using Stepmill

Stairmaster Stepmill SM 916 @ FSU Rec.

Friday, September 16, 2011

As part of my daily work-out, I have been carrying out a rotating schedule of various techniques and various equipments for my 20-25 minute session. Today, like many other days, I used the Stairmaster Stepmill SM 916 step-climbing machine that is available at our Recreation Center. This stair cliber gives me exercise mostly for the lower toros and legs.

Since the climber has simple options, I set it in normal (default) mode. I usually use the climber between 15-20 minutes work-outs with 3 minutes walking to cool off. I also can follow the Calories burned, distance climbed, steps/minute and other details in the display that is available on the monitor in front of me. This way, I can monitor my workout for lower body. Today I climbed for about 16 minutes and burned close to 115 Calories and walked for about 3 minutes to cool-off.

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