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Kiplinger Finance Quiz

Friday, November 18, 2016

I wanted to learn more about finance and financial literacy as this area is becoming more and more important as people have been asked to take care of their own financial future. Less and less number of people are afforded traditional pensions (except social security) and more and more are offered 401 (k) or 403 (b)  or 457.

Even with those available qualified plans the participation is not mandatory and it is hard to be part of the qualified plans unless one is disciplined. Even institutions and companies are cutting back on the matching amounts they are willing give.

So in that context, I wanted to test my basic knowledge of the financial fitness, awareness, and investments, like stocks, and mutual funds. So I took the Kiplinger’s basic finance quiz. I did badly on the EFTs, Dividends quiz but did okay on the following quiz.

The first one was Investing Quiz


The second one was about Financial Planning which I did okay.


The next one was about EFTs which I scored only 6/10 and next was about dividends which I scored only 6/10. The next one was about Mutual Funds.


The final one was about Financial Attitude.


Overall, I think I did okay.


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