Steam Clean the house

Steam Clean the house

Stanley Steemer Steam Cleaning

Monday, August 12, 2013

7:30 to 8:30 AM


Early this morning two people from Stanley Steemer came to our house for the prearranged steam cleaning of our carpets. We have worked over the weekend the get all carpeted rooms ready for steam cleaning. We had removed all knickknacks and loose items on the floor. We had removed all possible small items like chairs, file cabinets, rugs, and small cabinets. However, we left standing big chests, wardrobes, beds, and desks.

The personnel came and moved the big furniture away from the walls and put them on some kind of plastic blocks. They then started to run the fans in the rooms. Once everything is set-up, they brought their steam cleaning vacuum hoses and started to clean the rooms. They first cleaned the two small rooms and did the big room the last. Once the back side of the cabinets were cleaned they moved the cabinets back to their original position and cleaned the other areas. Once a room has been cleaned they put the fan to start the drying process. They were done in about an hour.


They recommended ┬áthat we don’t walk from the carpeted floor to hardwood floor often due to the possibility of wet feet and slippery feet. They asked us to run the air-conditioner at 70 F and continue to run the fans at full speed. The recommended drying time is 48 hours. However, chairs with plastics feet could be moved into the rooms in 24 hours but wooden furniture should wait for 48 hours. If there is a need we could some plastic blocks similar to those they used to move wooden furniture about 24 hours.


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