2011 Halloween Evening


Halloween Evening

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tallahassee, FL


Like last year, this time I put on the same mask that we had bought last year at Party City for $5 (New Orleans type mask) and like last year I borrowed VTS’ special coat that he had custom made in India (Akatsuki’s robe). The mask and the custom robe gave really goulish set-up for the Halloween. I also added a black hat this year and wore a black shirt.

It was a fun evening. VTS and MrPKB along with GBS went out for trick or treating in the neighborhood. I stayed home like last year and handed out candies. Since this year the Halloween came on the school and working day people started coming to my house around 6 PM and by 7:45 PM most of have finished their rounds including MrVTS.

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