Level 3 Green to Level 1 Blue Belt


Level 3 Green to Level 1 Blue Belt

Tae Kwan Do Belt Ceremony

Tallahassee Tae Kwan Do Academy

Temple Israel Auditorium

Thursday, April 14, 2011; 6:30 PM


Today VTS was awarded Level 1 Blue Belt (Blue Belt with white stripes in the middle). He graduated from Level 3 Green Belt (Green Belt with black stripe in the middle) in Tae Kwan Do at the Tallahassee Tae Kwan Do Academy. The Belt ceremonies had started around 5:30 PM that covered all junior and lower ranked students.


Our ceremony started at 6:30 PM with some Tae Kwan Do and self-defense demonstrations by the instructor and his assistant. Then they awarded the Stars and Medals for star students. The belts were then awarded starting with Yellow, Green, and then Blue. Following Blue there were Brown, Red, and Black belts.


The Green belt referred to air and Blue belt referred to water form. The ceremony was fun!


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