Attend FSU BCS Championship Celebration

FSU BCS Championship Celebration

Dock Campbell Stadium

Saturday, Feb 1, 2014, 12:00 Noon

After VtS and I finishing our Hindi class, we headed over to FSU. VtS had some important course work to do so he went to the science library. I parked my car in the parking lot in front of IMB and walked to the Dock Campbell Stadium where the FSU 2013 BCS Championship Celebrations were underway.

I walked in with my camera (it was open and free admission to everyone). The day was perfect with very little clouds and in the temperature was in the 60s. Soon after I arrived the football team entered the stadium and sat on one side of the podium. The announcer than invited the President of the University, the Athletic Director, the quarter back, and couple of other football players to speak about their experience. During the gaps there were highlights from the season and the final Rosebowl game projected on the big screens. The Head Coach also spoke.

I left around 1 PM with a free poster.

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