Prepare site for EAF 2012

Prepare site for EAF 2012

Friday, October 05, 2012

Downtown Tallahassee, FL

A bunch of volunteers took some time off (I took half-day off) and came to Chain of Parks in Downtown Tallahassee. We had reserved Bloxham and Lewis parks for our eighth annual Experience Asia Festival 2012. So we started the site preparation for tomorrow’s event.

The first thing we did was to measure the site and started to mark areas for foods, arts and crafts vendors on the Lewis Park. Then we measured and marked the area for ACT members and information booths on the Bloxham parks. One set of volunteers measured and other set of volunteers tied brightly colored threads to mark the stall and open space between them. Another set of volunteers went around affixing the numbers that corresponded to the vendors and members.

Around 7 PM we were done and we all went home.

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