Attending IUCr 2008 at Osaka

IUCr 2008 Conference

21st Congress of the International Union of Crystallography


OICC, Osaka, Japan


Sunday, August 24, 2008


I picked-up my registration at the counter for the IUCr 2008 Conference at the Grand Cube Osaka (aka Osaka International Convention Center) and picked up my bag and headed straight to the mini symposium. I attended several mini symposium in the macromolecular section in the morning. I ran into couple of my former colleagues and spoke with them,  had coffee and late lunch with them.

In the afternoon session I attended two talks at the macromolecular section and two at the powder diffraction section. There were couple of more I wanted to attend but they were at the same time slot and so I had to miss them.

I also attended the Bruker-AXS Lunch-on session

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