Mobile data usage for Tune-in

Tune-in Data Usage

Typical usage for listening to Tamil Radio via Tune-In

தமிழ் வானொலி ட்யுன்-இன்வழியாக

For the last two years, I have been using various smart phones under Android OS platform to listen to Tamil radio stations broadcast from Australia to Canada. I use the TuneIn app to listen to music. The following are the stations that I routinely listen to:

  • Iyalisai (இயலிசை) – Australia
  • Oli (ஒலி) – Singapore
  • ExTamil – Malaysia
  • Varnam (வர்ணம்), Sooriyan (சூரியன்) -Sri Lanka
  • Geetham (கீதம்)-India
  • Tamil Kuyil Radio (தமிழ் குயில்) – India
  • AR Rahman Radio -India
  • Ilaiyaraja Radio – India
  • Yuvan Sankar Raja Radio -India
  • Thendral World Radio (தென்றல்)- Germany
  • Vanavil (வானவில்)- France
  • Mukil (முகில்)- UK
  • IBC Tamil – UK
  • Tamil Sun – Canada

I wanted to know how much data it would consume. I timed it and found approximately 1 mega byte for 1 minute of streaming music.

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