Repair guest bathroom flush

Repair Bathroom Flush

Sat, Jul 10, 2015

One of our flushes in the guest bathroom has been making some noise for the last few days. When I opened and looked inside the contraption that controls the water flow sprung a leak. I had replaced this part probably four years ago and decided it is time to replace it again.

We (VtS and I) went to the local Lowes and bought Fluidmaster Universal Toilet Fill Valve (Model 400A; SKU 39961 00002; Lowes #24408).

FL400ACover FM400A

We came home. Shut off the inlet to the toilet tank. Unscrewed the old unit by removing the washer underneath the tank. Adjusted the unit with 1 1/2 ” higher than it was in the box. Put the new unit and secured it with washer, connected the water inlet, inserted the rubber tubing to the discharge and tried it

Everything worked fine and the leak was fixed.

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