Work-out using Stationary Bike


Work-out using Stationary Bike

LifeFitness CLSC Bike @ FSU Rec.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

As part of my daily work-out, I have been carrying out a rotating schedule of various techniques and various equipments for my 20-25 minute session. Today, like many other days, I used the Life Fitness Club Series Stationary Bike machine that is available at our Recreation Center. This indoor bike gives me exercise mostly for the lower toros and legs.

Since the bikehas simple options, I set it either in interval or random mode. I usually bike between 10-12 minutes work-outs with 3 minutes walking to cool off. I also can follow the heart rate, Calories burned, distance biked at the display that is available on the monitor in front of me. This way, I can monitor my workout for lower body. Today I biked for about 14 minutes and burned close to 90 Calories and walked for about 3 minutes to cool-off.

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