Work-out using Elliptical


Work-out using Elliptical Crosstrainer

Precor EFX576i @ FSU Gym

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

As part of my daily work-out, I have been carrying out a rotating schedule of various techniques and various equipments for my 20-25 minute session. Today, like many other days, I have used the Precor EFX576i Elliptical Crosstrainer that is available at our gymnasium. This crosstrainer gives me exercise both to the upper torso, lower toros, and legs.

I usually select one of the several work-out options available in the trainer: manual, interval, variety, and performance. I set it between 14-16 minutes work-outs with 5 minutes cooling cycle. I try to use both hands and legs in the elliptical, I definitely use the handle bars during the high resistance and inclination part but use the heart-rate monitor bars during the low resistance range. This way, I can monitor my heartrate and get a good workout both for my upper and lower body.

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