Spotted the International Space Station with Shuttle

International Space Station with Shuttle

Fly-by on night sky

Tallahassee, FL 32317; 9:53 PM

We were able to spot the International Space Station, with Space Shuttle (Endeavor) still attached to it, fly-by on the night sky just over Tallahassee and Florida. First we looked at a plane (obviously with red light and blinking lights) then we started to track a very bright object moving very fast and when we checked the web page it was the correct time.

It was really bright for about a minute tracking from North West toward South. Then as it flew above us and toward SE it quickly faded and was almost lost from our observation. When we looked at the sun’s light fading, it is likely that we were able to see the ISS as a bright object as it was still reflecting the bright sunlight.

We will try to track it again tomorrow, this time around 10:15 PM

To get the real-time position go to: [You need Java 6SE to see it; one can download it free from]

To find out when it will fly-over your town go to: [Then select the country, state, and town]

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