Scotty Barnhart’s Jazz Concert

¬†Scotty Barnhart’s Jazz Concert

Lee Hall Auditorium, FAMU

Saturday, March 28, 2009; 8-10:30 PM

Scotty Barnhart, Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies at Florida State University’s College of Music gave a lecture demonstration of Jazz music, its origin, and evolution. Scotty is an internationally acclaimed jazz trumpeter, composer and, educator. The program was the finale for Origins 09, Celebration of 200th birth year and 150th publication year of Charles Darwin and his book.

He brought together the students, faculty, and friends from FSU & FAMU, Tallahassee, and  out-of-town for an evening of exceptional jazz music. For $12 it was such a good deal. The money raised will benefit the Jazz Studies of FSU and FAMU.

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