VTS is Drake in Honk

VTS as Drake in Honk! The Musical

BHPS Year End Show

Thursday & Friday, February 14-15, 2008; 7-9 PM

Quincy Music Theater, Quincy, FL

VTS performed as Drake in the musical Honk! (story of the Ugly Duckling) for his Year End Show. The cast consisted of 70 people and was performed two days in LEAF Theater at the historical town of Quincy, FL. The director Mister Scott and the cast put on wonderful performance to an audience of about 200 people.

The cast has been practing for more than two months. The performance was well received. This was VTS’s first musical production, even though he has done several drama, Honk! represented the first musical with a major role.

Congrats to all and VTS!

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